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Eduardo Barreto

Puzlogic is a unique and innovative logic puzzle game inspired by Sudoku’s and Kakuro’s (cross sums) rules.

Complete puzzles dragging the available numbers to the free spaces, following the provided rules.

With its minimalistic style, relaxing music and 64 puzzles with increasing difficulty and complexity, it guarantees hours of fun and brain exercise.


 - Unique puzzle game with familiar rules

 - New rules/mechanics added as game progress

 - 64 handcrafted puzzles

 - Notation on free spaces

 - Simple drag and drop gameplay

 - Ambient sounds and background effects

 - Peaceful music

 - Achievements




The mobile version is out on the following digital stores:

If you wish to try it before, there's a web demo on Kongregate:

Or check the PC/Mac version on Steam:

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And on Kongregate’s new platform:

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